Friday, June 6, 2008

Digerating in the flatness

Item! We almost have a new bathroom floor. Installers from Home Depot laid tile and grouted in the kids' bathroom yesterday and today. (They used the wrong kind of mud under the tile, and Noel says that he has rarely heard such swearing as when the supervisor found out. Due to the mistake, they had to let it dry for an entire day before they could come back and do the grout.) We have to clean it and seal it tomorrow, and then the plumbers will come and reinstall the toilet on Monday.

Item! Archer is developing a new interest in traffic signals. He spends every car trip talking about how many lights are on each signal, and what that means for what each light represents, and what the lights facing the cars going the other directions are doing. I can see the fascination -- it's a pattern wherein one can deduce what one can't observe directly, and the pattern changes in coordination with other parts of the pattern.

Item! The subject line is what Cady Gray said she was doing while spinning around on Noel's office chair. She called the chair adjustment lever her "digerater" and pumped it a few times before returning to her spinning. I think my first album is going to be called Digerating in the Flatness.

Item! I've finally achieved my dream job: watching one of my all-time favorite sitcoms every week. I'll be covering Newsradio this summer for "TV Club Classic," the A.V. Club feature that fills time between seasons by revisiting past shows episode by episode. Noel has the premiere spot -- he's watching Buffy for the first time, and has brought his legions of Lost-blog followers along for the ride. I'm also hoping to check out a few current summer shows, and maybe even blog their entire runs. Secret Life of an American Teenager, here I come!