Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lessons from Jamestown

  1. Cady Gray would have been a great Powhatan Indian maiden.  She absolutely adored grinding corn in hollowed-out logs with a big wooden pestle.  Whenever I managed to pry her away from one hut and move her along, she would skip forward exclaiming, "I want to smash more corn!"
  2. The colonists must have had a hard time figuring out on which side their cornbread was buttered when Oliver Cromwell briefly took over the British government.
  3. We may feel like cattle on airplanes today, but I think we would prefer it to being stuck on a 500-square-foot 'tween deck with 53 other passengers for months.
  4. Archer will sit through a 24 minute movie if it is liberally interspersed with dates.
  5. If you see a rope going down through a grate on a replica ship, do not haul on it.
  6. It's hard for children to recognize animals from their skins hanging limply on a hook.
  7. To my disappointment, none of the re-enactors called the Indians "the Naturals" the way Christopher Plummer did in The New World.

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Doc Thelma said...

We have wonderful pictures of Panda at age three rolling out dough in one of the Colonial kitchens in Williamsburg. Glad the trip is treating you well