Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mysterious messages from another planet

First grade is over, and Archer has brought home all his notebooks and folders and stray pieces of work. Here's a selection of the strange and sometimes profound thoughts he recorded in his journal (in between pages packed with scores, weather reports, and numbers that appear random to us but probably have hidden meaning):
  • He is him and she is her. My time travel takes some time off my timer. A journal is my tool. I'm halfway there. This is my story. The End.

  • Directions Yesterday. Number 32 - Get books. Number 715 - put up books. Line up - no talking.

  • My dad tells what I'm thankful for on Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for church.

  • Q: Why should the pigeon NOT drive the bus? [upside down] A: Because he is an animal.

  • Let's go Camping! (1 of 2) There once were campers. I am also a camper. I'm that in Conway, Arkansas 72034. I go camping in my room at 7:30oo PM. 'Cause i'm

  • Camp Song [musical notation] I will re-jest I'm free! and I am safe!

  • PE Rules. 1. Have fun!!! 2. Be quiet. 3. Say 'Yes.' 4. Use kind words and actions. 5. Wear tennis shoes for PE. 6. Stop -- 'And Stop.'

  • Hayden, go change your card. Macy, go bring me a ticket. Sending ... Sent sucessfully.

  • The 10 Sides. 10 Sides are at 9 others. 8 are good. 7 are bad. 6 are small. 5 are big. 4 ARE WILD. 3 are tiny. 2 plus 1 equals 3.

  • Apple Computers work at 3 p.m. They last working for 900 hours. they aren't at 7 p.m.
And my favorite, on the back of a cut-and-staple coloring booklet about Thanksgiving:
  • Our feet. 90% free. Our hands. 10% free!

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