Thursday, June 19, 2008

What I learned about the twenty-something sitting behind me on the plane ...

... while she was chatting with her polite and tolerant seatmate.*
  1. Her parents got divorced when she was thirteen, and her dad took up with a woman named Charmin [note: spelling not provided].
  2. Once her whole family was getting together for some event, and her mom stormed out with her kids in tow after Charmin served her a beer.
  3. Her sister is gay, "but sporty gay."
  4. She worked on her tan all week (although she hastens to add that she "SPFed up"), but didn't get as dark as she wanted.
  5. On the Sex and the City weekend she had with her girlfriends, Jeannette was totally making out with that guy.
  6. Charmin's one to talk about the responsibilities of parents -- her son dropped out of high school when he was 16.
  7. She's dating a black guy, but she told her mom to think of him as just very tan. [Note: Polite and tolerant seatmate is older black woman.]
*Translation: We're back home after two more on-time flights (what are the odds?), and very happy to be so. More details, pictures, YouTubes, etc. from our trip in the days to come.


John Finklea said...

"but sporty gay" is one of the funniest things I have ever read.

Timothy said...

Donna! This is priceless. With a few line breaks and word changes, this would be an amazing found poem. Kudos for getting all this down.

Also, do you have a nephew who could be around my age, possibly named Will? A friend of mine met this Will the other night in Nashville and he claimed to have an aunt Donna Bowman. Since you're from Tennessee, I thought I'd ask.

Happy summer!