Sunday, June 15, 2008

The power of prayer

Not only were the flights on time, they both left a few minutes early.

Not only were the flights not overbooked, but all standbys were accommodated.

Not only did we make our connection, our arrival and departure were only five gates apart.

I know Mom was praying for us not to have a repeat of the Christmas travel disaster, and it could be that her faith has done the trick.  Tomorrow I'm going to let her know she needs to start praying for Thursday's return trip immediately.

If you want to know where we are, check this out.  It's theme park craziness in hotel form.  I'll fill you in on the indoor waterpark tomorrow.  Meanwhile the kids are sacked out on their bunk beds in the "Kid Kamp" room of our suite, with the Golf Channel lulling them to sleep.  Nighty night!


Maureen said...

I am really glad your travels went well. I will say that if you find yourself on an overnight layover in Atlanta, I will be happy to come and lift your spirits. You can also stay at our house, although the accommodations are tight. But you are still always welcome to share our space and food.

Still, thinking good flight thoughts for the return.

Adam Villani said...

Jen and I visited Williamsburg last year. We didn't really spend that much time in Colonial Williamsburg, which we thought was kind of an uncomfortable cross between a historic site and a theme park, and instead greatly enjoyed Jamestown (a full-on historic site) and Busch Gardens (a full-on theme park).

If Archer's interested in engineering, you could take a side trip to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.