Tuesday, December 23, 2008

From the mint to your pocket

Archer was telling us a story a couple of days ago about the journey of a coin, based on a book he had read at school.  

I suggested that he might want to write and draw an 8-page version, and I printed him a Pocket Mod of storyboard pages.  Here's what he made.

Follow The Money!

I got stamped out. Then I fell. I was in a bag.

I said "Let go!" I got took in a cash register!
A lady took me to her house.

I got dropped in a vending machine!
A woman calculated us and got $3.92.

I was in that $3.92!
I finally had some friends.

I was also with a 50¢ and $1.00 (or 100¢) coin.


the secret knitter said...

You need to take him to the Bureau of Printing and Engraving in Fort Worth, Texas. It's a neat place to visit...although I think they only do paper currency.

kerry said...

Archer has very good penmanship!

Merry Christmas. :)

Stephanie said...

He DOES have very good penmanship and he's a good writer!

Thanks for turning me on to Pocket Mod.


Adam Villani said...

I visited the Mint in Philadelphia once, and it was really cool. A factory where they make money!

I wonder if the workers have vending machines in their breakroom. "Hey, anybody got a quarter?"