Monday, December 8, 2008

Please have snow and mistletoe

We're staying home for the holidays this year, an eventuality for which I am very thankful. Longtime readers may recall last year's travel horrors; for those with strong stomachs, the details are here and here.

So since I never want to fly anywhere at Christmastime ever again, and since my family is sympathetic enough to make that "never" equal at least one year, we're going to be in Conway. As I walked up the driveway this afternoon in the glow of the twinkly Tannenbaum lights, I thought about the pros and cons of a Christmas in our own place.

Pro: Can work on handmade gifts for immediate family right up until Christmas Eve.

Con: Most handmade gifts destined for out-of-towners; must be mailed sometime next week.

Pro: No presents to lug across the country and back.

Con: Only one big round of present-opening. (The chief consolation of Christmas travel is that you get to open all the at-home presents when you get back.)

Pro: Control over meal- and bed-times for the kids.

Con: I'll miss Mom's chocolate cake and Libby's cranberry bread.

Pro: The chance to develop Christmas traditions that fit with this house and these kids.

Con: No reliving the Christmas traditions of my upbringing with my brothers.

Pro: Midnight service at St. Peter's, complete with a performance in the handbell choir.

Pro: The airports and highways are emptier by one more family, and our stockings are hung by our very own chimney with care.


Doc Thelma said...

Enjoy! I'm jealous! I've had two Christmases in my own home since our move to Virginia; one when I was 2 weeks postpartum! The fate of living on an academic calendar when much of the extended family works retail or healthcare; we're the ones with extra vacation time built in for travel.
May you have the merriest of everything!

the secret knitter said...

You know, I don't begrudge going to my parents' for Christmas--and I certainly would go insane if they all came here--but right about now is when I wish the holidays didn't mean having to rush around to go out of town. The last one of those for me was when I was at home over break during college.

Enjoy your Christmas at home.