Saturday, December 20, 2008

No matter how far away you roam

A few home-baked goodies for the holidays:
  • Perpetuating an insidious stereotype, this three-in-a-row yarn ball game is at the AARP website.

  • Cady Gray has been wearing a deeley-bopper with two Santa faces on the antennae. I find the dual bobbing Santa heads very disturbing, as if Santa were suddenly identical twins, or perhaps if I were having the DTs at Christmastime.

  • Here's Archer's homework meditation on the sentence; "Home is where the heart is even for Archer."
My house is made a "home" 'cause that's where I live. Also I collect stickers there. I keep track of the good as golds from 2nd Grade on my dry erase board. I play in my room if needed. I really think my house is a home.

On the back he drew a map of the house and icons of its inhabitants -- Cady Gray and Archer with big smiles and speech balloons stating their ages.

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stevie said...

I am almost embarrassed to tell you how much time I wasted playing Yarns on Saturday night.