Friday, December 19, 2008

A holiday letter

Here's a worksheet Archer brought home from his last day of school today. Instructions and provided model are in italics. I enjoy the air of authority, simultaneous with a spirit of self-criticism, exhibited here.

Pretend you are Santa Claus. Write a letter to Happy Elf.
Dear Santa,

I would like to work at the North Pole. I am too young to build toys. But I would be very good at testing them. May I come work for you?

Your friend,
Happy Elf

Dear Happy Elf,

Congrats! You have a chance to win the Toy-Making Award! You may test them out.

Your friend,
Santa Archer

Brainwork! Read your letter to a friend. Find two ways to make your letter better.

Describe. Put in excitement.

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