Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thoughts on Christmas Day

  • Last night's midnight service was truly stunning. The daughter of the choir director, who is studying opera, made chills run up and down my spine with her rendition of a German lieder (accompanied by her brother on oboe) and her duet with her father on "O Holy Night." And the handbell choir came through. We were awesome!

  • Checking Ravelry this morning after the presents were opened, I was struck by the forceful memory of last Christmas, when Noel and I escaped to the St. Simons Island Starbucks in the afternoon and soaked in the internet access. I thought I was really behind when I welcomed 40 or so newbies to Ravelry that day, after several days out of contact; now I regularly welcome that many if I go a single day without making the rounds.

  • Christmas crafting presents an unexpected dilemma. I made four scarves, four pairs of fingerless mitts, one mug cozy, one wrist bag, and one cowl as gifts, and that's taken just about all my spare time for the last six weeks. (Details on all of them in this Toxophily post.) Now that it's all done, I find myself at a loss figuring out what to make for myself.

  • My relations showered me with wonderful items from my wishlist, including several books I've been looking forward to reading. I suppose it's not surprising, however, that no one took the option that I presented as my number one request: gift certificates. I know that I rarely give them because they feel like such a copout. But in my case, an Amazon gift card is the only way someone can give me content for my Kindle, which was my aim in asking. Ah well -- with all the stories from the recent Culture11 rundown of the year's best journalism loaded on there as of yesterday, I'm not hurting for reading material by any stretch of the imagination. Hm ... must check to see if any of the Best American series is available. A little Glenn Stout would be most welcome in the new year.

  • Cady Gray enjoyed her first haircut on Christmas eve eve. It's amazing how an actual hairdo, even the simplest kind, makes a child appear instantly more grown up. Evidence below.

Before ...

... and after.

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