Saturday, February 7, 2009

The 7th President

This week in school, Archer wrote a sort of poem. The top is decorated with musical notes and accents ("DUM DUM >DUM!<") and there's a smiling person with a big 7 on his chest and a medal with "PRESIDENT USA" written around the outside, next to a sign that says "THE 7TH PRESI." Arrows saying "That way!" point to the president. Here's the poem on the front:

If I ruled the world, If I were president, C'mon! I'm in a school! I would make people be content! I can, I can, be in the U.S. But if I ruled, I can be the best.

And on the back is a song with the music written out in 6/8 time. (When I asked him to sing it to me this afternoon, he did so in perfect pitch.) The incomplete words are where he hit the edge of the paper.

1. I will be a great man.

Oh, oh, sweetie.

2. I can be pres-i-dent. REFRAI
3. Go away you bo-ther! REFRA
4. (Instrumental Verse) REFRAI

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