Monday, February 16, 2009

Let me show it to you

Just in time for an evening I have to spend at school -- one of three this week! -- Archer has decided to produce a slideshow about himself. Thanks for the content, son!

I gather from talking to him that Archer has seen a couple of Powerpoint presentations in the principal's office. (Not for punishment ... not really sure why.) When he ran across Powerpoint while playing around on our largely-defunct desktop computer, he got right to work creating a presentation called "All About Me." (I don't know why he calls it "a pinnacle presentation" -- the company that produced one of the ones he saw, maybe?) He spent his President's Day holiday perfecting the presentation below; I saw a shorter preliminary version yesterday. The only thing I showed him, no lie, is where the "new slide" command is on the insert menu. Actually, I didn't even show him that -- just described it from two rooms over.

It's kind of scary how naturally he fits himself into the form and imitates the use of titles and bullets. Well on his way to mid-level management, I'd say.



Sherry said...

Oh, Donna! That boy is a trip! Does he do contract work? Old Aunt Sherry could use some help with Power Point, herself!

Love to the family!

doafy said...

Man, his contrast slide showed better organization than things produced by some of my 11th graders!

the secret knitter said...

I like that in all of his work that you post he sounds so cheerful and gracious.