Sunday, February 15, 2009

Organizational frenzy

Today's post about everything in its mysterious, number place is at Toxophily.

And speaking of organization, this is the weekend I have set aside for filling out the booklet for the tax preparer. Next weekend I'm going to be occupied with the ICTE, and my goal is always to mail the materials off before the end of February.

Naturally I left it until Sunday evening. But my goal really isn't to be done with it tonight -- in actuality, that's impossible, since Noel's primary employer hasn't sent him a 1099-MISC yet. (Um, guys? Deadline was Jan. 31.) Really, I just want to see what I have to go hunting for. Which brokerage account will I have to dig up online access codes for to download dividend statements? Should be a good scavenger hunt for the next couple of weeks!

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