Saturday, March 21, 2009


I feel like I've done nothing but leave home and come back home for the last month. Here I am once again, arriving home hours after the kids went to bed, a suitcase full of dirty clothes and a weekend's worth of catching up to do.

But at least I have a cushion in my transition back to Conway life. It's only Saturday night; I can have my first Sunday at home all month. And next week is spring break. I don't have to go right back to class, although I do have to go to work on Monday. I can take the kids with me to the office, which will simultaneously satisfy their desires -- they've been asking when they could go back since Christmas break -- and give Noel a respite.

There's a lot I've been missing here. Archer's been going through a slight rough patch in his behavior at school, although it's probably nothing serious. I've been unable to participate in the handbell choir's rehearsals for the annual Easter performance, and it's strange to think that I'm going to be sitting it out unless I'm needed as an emergency substitute. My poor teaching assistant has had to lead class three Fridays in a row, and I know it hasn't been easy for her.

And although my travels aren't over (I'm headed to Montreal in early April), I've got almost two weeks before I have to head back to the airport. Even if it weren't spring break, I think it would feel like a vacation.

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