Friday, March 6, 2009

Today I'm pondering

Some questions from a day on the road:
  • Somebody needs to do an in-depth investigation on the terror alert level.  It's been orange for more than two years now in airports -- but yellow everywhere else.  Why is it that I doubt it will ever go back down into the greeny-blues?
  • I haven't run across an exorbitant hotel soda machine in several years.  Seems like the buck or buck-and-a-quarter 20-ouncer is standard now.  Whither the $3 cans of my youth?
  • When did we, as a people, conclude that when we take a shower, we want to feel like we're standing outside in a gentle rain, rather than like we're getting a vigorous massage?
  • Someday I will develop that sixth sense that tells me: Hey, don't I usually get a bunch of documents for the board meeting we're going to be having?  Maybe I should contact someone to see if I was omitted from the mailing list for some reason.  When will that day come and save me from showing up at the meeting empty-handed while everyone else is rifling through stacks of papers?

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