Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A taste of summer

Ah, spring break. The campus empties; parking spaces are plentiful. Every tree is covered with pink, purple or white blossoms. Lawns are sprinkled with clover. Beds burst with tulips, impatiens, daffodils.

And I'm reminded that summer, that break of all breaks, is just around the corner. At our school, it's six weeks until the mortarboards are tossed in the air and the futons are wrestled back into the pickup trucks.

In summer, every day will be like the past three days. The calendar will be empty. Long hours will be spent in the office, tapping away on the computer or looking out the window at the quiet green space between buildings, with no students or classes to interrupt.

I love the slower pace of the summer. I love the frequent opportunities to talk at length with my fellow administrators. I love the chance to dream and plan.

I know I won't get as much done as I should. And by the time August hits, the excitement of the new students and new classes will hit, making the return of the regular semesters seem not so bad. But for the first time this week, it's possible to feel that summer is coming, and with it, a chance for renewal.

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