Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dinnertime but not dinnertime

Greetings from California, where even though the student who drove us from the airport described the weather as "a little cool," at sixty-some-odd degrees it's a sight better than the frigid rain I left behind in Arkansas.

In about 90 minutes, I'll be heading over to Claremont Theological School for the start of the conference for which I was brought here. And then we'll just go and go and go. Until 9 pm tonight, and then 9 am to 9 pm tomorrow and Saturday.

That doesn't leave much spare time for other work or relaxation, and I guess that's just the way it's going to have to be. At some point I need to watch the second episode of Breaking Bad (which I brought with me on AMC's preview disc). At some point I need to read student work. Heck, at some point I need to actually write the short panel presentation I'm supposed to give tomorrow. But it's hard to tell when that will occur.

And blogging? Probably not in the cards. I'll try to check in daily with a brief update, but whatever substance occasionally leaks into this site probably will be taking a hiatus along with everything else.

Now to get down to business ...

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