Sunday, March 22, 2009


On the plane ride from Chicago to Little Rock last night, I had an engaging conversation with my seatmate, a senior basketball player and mass comm major from Missouri Southern. We talked about movies, the former president at my institution, religion (an occupational hazard, since you can't avoid the question "so what do you do?"), and preferred leisure activities. And on the latter, I had to admit, I like sitting on my couch watching TV with my husband, seasoned with the occasional restaurant meal out with my husband where we can have adult conversation.

Does that make me a philistine? I certainly get funny looks when I cheerfully admit to my academic colleagues that I watch reality shows and spend a lot of time on social networking sites. But little makes me feel more at ease than my little corner of the sectional, a microwaved heating pad around my shoulders, my MacBook Air on my lap, a beverage at my side, knitting within easy reach, and a TiVo full of shows I love.

And that's where I am right now, the kids having been corralled into bed. There's some work to do later -- I need to blog Breaking Bad for the TV Club -- but after three straight weekends away and too many nights spent at school during the week, my favorite leisure activity (or is that inactivity?) has been scarce lately.

Right now I'm not only enjoying my preferred mode of relaxation, but I'm looking forward to an entire week of evenings spent exactly this way, thanks to spring break. I am hoping to end it with dinner and a movie with my husband, but in the meantime, you can just pry me off the couch with a crowbar if you need me.

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Adam Villani said...

My best airplane-seatmate conversation was the time I flew from Vegas to Burbank next to a call girl from Sacramento who had been in Vegas for the day filming a porno.

"Any famous clients?"
"Oh basketball players, the district attorney..."