Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Can women be cool?

In their blogs following last week's screening of Jules and Jim, the students in my film class took up the question of whether cool is something inextricably tied to the male gender.  (Present company excepted, of course.)  Our post-class discussion yielded opinions on two contrasting poles: (1) If a woman is cool, it is because she cultivates the toughness, detachment, and dominance characteristic of cool men.  (2) Any woman who achieves a certain level of popularity is de facto cool, because the people buying her records/watching her films/etc. consider her cool.

Here's what they wrote about when they got a chance to deliberate on the question in their own spaces.  If you see something that intrigues you, leave them a comment!

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ryan stovall said...

unfortunately, i didn't get a chance to watch the movie, but i would suggest that a cool girl/woman is just that -- a woman who behaves with cool-headed confidence. i believe that "cool" got confused with "popular", and "well-liked", probably somewhere in the abstractions. although, a truly cool girl is bound to become popular.

it upsets me when a high school drama queen is considered "cool".