Saturday, May 29, 2010

A few stolen moments is all that we share

Today's post celebrating inhibitionless knitting is at Toxophily.

Noel and I went out for dinner and a brief shopping excursion tonight, the first time we've been out without the kids in a couple of weeks. And it was about time; I had a whole dramatic arc of work news saved up to tell him. It may seem strange, but at least on my end, we don't usually engage in long conversations about my job or research except when we're out on date night. I tend to get really animated and long-winded, for one thing, and I have to go way back in time and way deep into philosophical detail. When there are kids requesting your full attention and tending to interrupt any conversation of more than a few sentences, it just doesn't make sense to even get into it.

But I pay a price for saving it all up; explaining it to someone out of academia and out of administration really helps to get it straight in my own head and figure out whether my take on it makes sense. I don't know what other couples do on their date nights, but that's a big reason I look forward to ours.

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