Saturday, May 22, 2010

This kind of blank adventure happens all the time

Today's post about a scarf for the next phase of life is at Toxophily.

I spent the afternoon playing Settlers of Catan with Archer. The game is second in his affections only to chess; he spends hours playing it either in its full-fledged board game version or on Noel's iPod, and that's accompanied by more hours reciting the rules to us. A friend responded to my Twitter updating mentioning the game by calling it a "gateway drug." And that sounds fine to me. If Archer's going to get hooked on anything, it might as well be the infinite variations and branching decision paths of strategy games. Does anybody have suggestions for a next step down this road?

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VerdanaBold said...

He might like Carcassone, which is a fun tile laying game that has some neat numerical scoring elements that I think would appeal to him. It also has a communal element to it that is nice because players can try to encourage/discourage what the other players do on their turns. It's also something CG could probably handle with him "helping" her take her turns.

He may also like Small World and Dominion which are two other board games that aren't too complex for kids his age but they might be a bit much for CG.