Thursday, May 27, 2010

I know I'm not a hopeless case

Today's post about awakening from a long winter's nap is at Toxophily.

Archer woke up in some kind of good mood today. After breakfast, as Noel was about to tell the kids to go get dressed, he suddenly leaped into Noel's arms and gave him a huge hug and cuddle. "Just delaying," he grinned, and when Noel asked for clarification, he added, "Delaying your instructions."

This evening he came out of his room holding a pile of marbles in one hand. "I have twenty-three marbles in this hand," he announced. "Is that some kind of record?" I asked. "I read that a world record by an adult was eighteen marbles," he remarked. "Did you break it?" I marveled. He beamed. "Look at my hand," he said quietly.

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