Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Surprise ending

Archer brought home a writing assignment today. From the worksheet attached to it, the assignment appeared to involve the (random?) selection of the main character and supporting character; on the chart those printed items were cut out and pasted in. Then Archer had written in the setting, problem, and solution. Here's the story he wrote (teacher comment: "Great story! Love the ending"); the worksheet follows.
Once upon Wed 30 Dec 2008 and 9 am, there was a scared racecar driver doing the Indy 500 at the racetrack downtown. He was in 37th place at lap 153 or 200. Then, he charged to the front of the pack at lap 192. At the last lap, a robot stepped in the track. The racecar driver was scared of the robot. He tried to accelerate, but the robot when faster. But when the driver finished, the robot gave him a gold medal for 1st place finish.
Parts of a Story
Sorting Mat
Main character: Who is the story about? A scared racecar driver
Supporting character: Who else is the story about? A kind robot
Setting: When and where does the story take place? At Wed 30 Dec 2008 9:00 am. At the race track
Problem: What is the problem of the main character? It sees a robot and tries to accelerate, but robot goes after him
Solution: How does the problem get solved? The robot gives the driver a gold medal

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