Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New toys

I like my gadgets.  When I get a new one, I tend to obsess about it.  I want to play with it for hours at a time, find out all its secrets, put it through its paces.  It tends to invade my dreams; I fall asleep thinking about its shiny newness, imagining everything I could do with it, and slide imperceptibly into sleep without changing subjects.

Sometimes the gadgets arrive in bunches, though.  Right now my sewing machine is front and center in m consciousness.  I think about its mechanisms and possibilities in all my idle moments; I wish I could spend more time investigating how it works and enjoying its well-engineered beauty.  But today a new gadget came in the mail -- a digital camera.

My trusty Canon Powershot S400 (vintage 2004) seems to be about at the end of its useful life, after many years of wonderful service.  So when I got an e-mail from Canon offering a discount on refurbished newer models, I read a bunch of online reviews and made my choice -- an SD1200 IS.  Today it came, and it's so beautiful.  I thought my old Canon was small (and compared to the film cameras it replaced in my life, it was), but this one is slimmed down so far it's quite hard to believe.  I want to pop in a memory card and a battery pack and see what she can do.

Only a few problems with that scenario.  Battery needs to charge ... memory card hasn't yet been bought.  No time for photography until the weekend anyway.  The weekend when I'd also like to be sewing, an enterprise that will require more trips to the fabric store, research on the internet ... hm.  Maybe I can find a way to combine both gadgets in one gluttonous, self-indulgent Saturday afternoon.  If my memory card arrives in time.

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