Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring is coming

This morning I saw a robin sitting on our neighbor's wall, watching me motionless as I drove by.  A few hours later, another one perched on the curb as Cady Gray and I passed on our way to the fabric store.

Daffodils are sprouting up in yards all over -- those sudden clumps of blue-green leaves that appear seemingly overnight, enough to fill large baskets.

And baseball is on the television.  Spring training games have begun, and the wonderful technologies that bring us every game with our favorite hometeam announcers have turned on the lights and fired up the burners.  MLB Network and the MLB At Bat subscription service are back on our screens and in our lives.  Hopes are high as they are every spring.

As I put my head down and get ready for the sprint that is my March, I'm glad that spring has arrived just a touch early in this town.  Today I have a moment to breathe -- to stroll -- to notice robins and foliage.  To while away an afternoon paying attention to the Grapefruit League.

Tomorrow there are e-mails to answer, reports to prepare, assignments to read, articles to write, bags to pack.  I'm grateful for one day to anticipate a spring that will be in full bloom the next time I raise my head.

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