Sunday, February 13, 2011


And so into the weekend we go, after three days of unexpected weekday worklessness.  Kinda makes it impossible to moan about a long-scheduled Saturday morning work event.  But also, there's our usual woo-hoo-Friday-night! celebration dinner rendered simply pre-emptive rather than utterly hypocritical.  So thank you, Saturday morning work event!

One's third snow day in a row really should be a work day.  Especially if it's a Friday; otherwise, you've just ceded any right to be happy about it being Saturday tomorrow.  If you're Noel, every snow day was a work day.  His deadlines do not stop coming just because all of Arkansas is blanketed in snow and the kids are stuck at home with him.  I had some items on my plate, too, that if I didn't get started before next week, I was going to be way behind.

So I devoted myself to staying up-to-date on my students' journals (which they continued posting through the campus closure, as per my posted continuity of operations policy), writing a book review, and keeping the kids more or less out of dad's hair by supervising their Wii time, inviting a friend of Cady Gray's over for the morning from next door, and standing watch over their snow play.  It wasn't any help to Noel, but in the afternoon I furthered one of my work goals by meeting with a colleague for a project.

Tomorrow I'm ready to spend the morning with students in our annual sophomore matriculation event.  It's something I always enjoy, but usually indulge myself in some complaining about having to go to work on Saturday (same as I do with commencement).  Not this year; after three days off, I haven't earned the right to complain, and wouldn't be able to enjoy the rest of my weekend without feeling like I'd done some work to rest from.

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