Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two-day work week

Conway public schools are closed again tomorrow -- which I expected, given that the roads were snowpack and icy slush after a sunny day with air temperatures right at freezing, and that the forecast is for another hard freeze tonight.  The university is closed, too, for the third day in a row -- which I didn't expect, given that by midday tomorrow conditions should be much better, with a forecast high near 40.

Since we'll be sailing into the weekend without stopping to, y'know, actually go to work, here are a few more pictures of our 7" snowfall, this time with a brilliant blue sky and bright sun as backdrop.


Best snow toy for our kids: a ruler to measure depth on various surfaces.


My camera refused to capture the glistening twinkle of the sun on the snow's crystalline surface. So I settled for attempts to capture the magical etching of shadow from the bare tree limbs.


Sometimes sharp and exacting ...


... on closer inspection, blurring like charcoal.


A yucca plant becomes a porcupine caught in mid-hibernation.


The roads are still coated with white, but the blue sky is a harbinger of change.


As is this ice-ball that started leaking water on Cady Gray's boots only moments after she'd formed it.

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