Sunday, February 20, 2011


It happens every year around this time.  February shoots past like the shortest month that it is, and I find myself a few short days away from March.  March, when I need to have the family's tax information to our preparer.  March, when my scholarly organization has its regional meeting -- a meeting for which I need to craft a treasurer's report, a business meeting agenda, and a slate of nominations for next year's officers.  March, when 80 students will be interviewed for next year's incoming class.  March, when the kids have both a school computer lab fundraiser and a Jump Rope for Heart event for which to solicit donations.  (Both excellent causes.  For the former, see me to buy Hershey's candy (local readers only).  For the latter, donate online at Cady Gray's page or Archer's page (all readers welcome).)

February whizzed by in a blur of snow days, work crises, and a blessed (but deceptive) lack of deadlines.  I anticipate that March will be one of the most productive months of my 2011.  It's also going to be one of the most stressful.  So much so that I'm thinking of starting on a few of these projects before the very last minute, something quite unheard of in my scheduling methodology.  If I can get drafts of some of the stuff that's under my control underway before the stuff that's not under my control hits my inbox, I'll feel a lot more in control overall.

Not that anything can really help March.  In a week, my head will be down and I'll be bulling through it, with only the hope that a little knitting and a lot of dreaming about April will see me through.

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