Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cool or weird?

Cool things about having kids in school:

  • Professional photographers come and take their pictures twice a year without your having to make any arrangements -- perfect for parents who never get around to making those Olan Mills appointments.
  • They come home with neat facts ("Christopher Columbus is 501 years old!") and even neater conclusions they've drawn from facts ("A whale is an ocean mammal. A fish is not a mammal. A fish is just an ocean reptile").
  • They are happy to teach you all about fire safety and the dangers of drugs -- again, perfect for slacker parents.

Weird things about having kids in school:

  • They run a whole mile in PE at age 6. This seems more like Spartan education than the first grade I remember.
  • Their assignments either tell you stuff about them that you didn't know, or maybe stuff about another student -- impossible to tell. Is Archer actually afraid of snakes, as the picture he drew in response to the prompt "something you are scared of" indicates, or did he borrow ophidiophobia from one of his classmates because he couldn't come up with an idea of his own?
  • They're like little celebrities -- teachers stop you in the hall to ask if you're Archer's parents, and other kids point and whisper excitedly. Is this because they are famous or notorious?

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