Thursday, October 11, 2007

Purling Daisies

I was unconvinced by the bemused British narrator and bright swirly music featured in the promos for Pushing Daisies, the much-hyped Barry Sonnenfeld comedy on ABC. And after the charming pilot, I was concerned that the clever premise was all there was to it. What would they do week after week with a piemaker who can bring dead things back to life temporarily, the lumpy private eye who sees an opportunity in that unique talent, and the childhood sweetheart whom the piemaker refuses to send off into the great beyond?

Now I think I'm finally won over. The second episode revealed a show more interested in telling interesting stories than in the premise that enables them to be told. Whether the tone and energy can be sustained within devolving into shrill self-parody remains to be seen, but the odds are tilting in the show's favor.

Two elements of Episode 2 seemed especially designed to woo me. The marvelous Kristin Chenoweth belted out "Hopelessly Devoted" in a show-stopping (and occasionally interrupted) musical number. And Chi McBride's PI is a secret knitter, specializing in gun cozies.

All that to say that there is autumnal knitting content today at Toxophily, in honor of our first day of sub-80 weather in a month. Please enjoy in moderation.

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