Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Missing person

You know your routine has taken over your life when you can't remember whether you blogged yesterday. I wrote a whole entry about how I forgot to blog yesterday because I was so absorbed with showing a movie at school and then doing my TV Club blog when I got home. Can't believe I forgot! I wrote. But I was really busy! I wrote. I'll never do it again! I wrote.

And then I published and Noel turned to me and said: "You did blog yesterday. It was the whole inoculation thing."

Oh yeah. I started that entry yesterday afternoon before dinner, then finished it at school before the screening. Not my usual blogging time. But how could I be so sure I hadn't blogged that I didn't even check the site?

Wow. I need a vacation.

And so on to tonight's entry -- at Toxophily! Gifts from the Pacific Northwest, more secrets, and ruminations on the rejuvenating power of handknits. See you there!

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