Monday, October 8, 2007

I'll give you something to cry about

Noel was a couple of minutes late to pick up Archer the other day. Normally that wouldn't matter, because the teacher who supervises the bus riders brings him out when one of us arrives and asks for him. But on this particular day, the teacher thought she saw Noel and mistakenly brought out Archer, only to find no dad there to collect him. When Noel did get there, Archer had the big liquid eyes and turned-down mouth that signals he was on the verge of tears. When Archer climbed into the car where Cady Gray was already sitting, the following exchange took place:

CG: Archer, why are you crying? Did somebody bite you?
Archer: No.
CG: (still concerned) ... Did somebody push you?

It's conversations like this that make a parent wonder what's happening behind the closed doors of the various preschools and daycares to which we've entrusted our daughter. Such definite ideas of what leads to crying can only come hard experience at the school of hard knocks. Or else from running experiments on other kids to see what makes them cry, I now realize to my dismay.

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