Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Seasonal work

Time once again to peek inside Archer's life at school, courtesy of the work he brings home in his backpack. Today's assignment:

First up: Spring!

Straight lines of rain, a tree, random circle near the eastern border, and prominently portrayed at top right, our recurring theme for this series of drawings: a round thermometer pointing between 60 and 80 (I think).

A cheery yellow sun and full leafy tree signal summer. The upside-down stick figure is not, as it may appear, suffering a massive head injury, but is actually diving into a pool.

Fall is the time leaves turn brown, foreshortened dumbbells get stuck in trees, and houses are built with the letters "SE" to the left of the door and "HOU" to the right.

Bare branches, a snowman, and 30-degree weather -- that's winter in Arkansas. (Except for the snowman, which derives from Yankee propaganda.)

Finally, time to answer the closing question in game-show-host clue-giving mode:


Eric said...

I made snowmen as a child. Probably only two or three the whole time, but there were multiple men of snow. Yes, we southerners were deprived.

Adam Villani said...

Well, more of a winter than I've ever had at home. I mean, I've seen snow, but it's always been something to go to, not ever anything that came to me.

Doc Thelma said...

I'm impressed with his penmanship!

Anonymous said...

I appears to me that teh picture that you think says house on the wrong sides of the door, may actually be school, and be spelled correctly.

Archer is a smart boy.

Donna B. said...

You're right, Anon -- it is SC HOOL rather than SE HOU. Makes perfect sense, what with it being fall and his answer below about what is associate with fall.