Monday, November 26, 2007

The secret life of telephones

All my blog energy this evening, following a vestry meeting that lasted more than three hours, went into my How I Met Your Mother blog on the T.V. Club. So here's an Archer story that happened during my trip to San Diego, as told in an e-mail by Noel:

Archer came out of his room just now to retrieve his bucket of good-of-gold stickers, and found that I'd placed the phone inside the bucket and that a good-as-gold was stuck to the phone.

Archer: (smiling wryly) You already got a good-as-gold stuck on the phone.

Me: Do phones deserve a good-as-gold?

Archer: (firmly, still smiling) No!

Me: But what if a phone does a really good job paying attention in art class?

Archer: (smile fading, pointing at me) Phones help you call. They do not get good-as-golds.

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