Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Why do I never wear a hat?

I've spent the last week or so, it seems, writing somewhat cagily about issues at my job, problems with colleagues, matters of purely theoretical academic interest, and it's nice that a few of you are still reading.

It's time, though, to find out what you want me to write about. So taking a cue from my new hero Derek, I'm taking requests. Leave me a question or topic in the comments, and I'll do my best to address as many of them as possible this month. Don't be shy -- what have you always wanted to know about the enigma that is Donna? (Or about the faceless proprietor of the blogspace you happen to have wandered into by mistake.)

My advice? Get to know me!

P.S. Malcolm's back!


Timothy said...

Oh, Donna, you are playing a dangerous game. :-)

I'll start off.

Dr. Bowman, I would like to know, for purely selfish reasons since I may be embarking on a paper on the topic, what your thoughts are on the two different creation stories in Genesis. I'd be specifically interested in a response that deals with the ways in which each story constructs the female body. I want to know more about ways I can approach these myths and use them to read Eve as not-so-awful in canonical literature (like, for instance, Paradise Lost). Basically, I'd like you to redeem Eve for me. :-)

Or, if that seems too involved, I'd like to hear some more teacher stories. What are some valuable tips you can offer first-year instructors of first-year college students?

Derek Powazek said...

I majored in photojournalism. And though I don't work in that area now, I can always seem to find metaphors that track back to that. Web design is like photojournalism because it's all about eye tracking and telling stories visually, etc.

So my question is, what life lessons have you taken from studying theology?

Mandy said...

I would like to know what influences your family has had on you to bring you to where you are today. You have shared some in the past about growing up, etc. but what do you bring to the table now from interactions with parents, siblings and others.

Eric Grubbs said...

How did you and Noel meet?

You've mentioned where you got Cady Gray's name from, but what about Archer's?

Is it really possible to be a responsible parent and not become some brainless zombie ala Dawn of the Dead?

katie j. said...

I know the answer to the Archer-name question, strangely enough. Or at least I think I do.

My question: for you, what makes a favorite student a favorite student? Are you ever surprised by who your favorites are? (Don't tell me you don't have favorites--I won't believe you.)

Eric Grubbs said...

I have done a similar/rip-off post on my blog. Fire away!

Adamanthenes said...

Here. I'll give it a try.

Is it ever disillusioning to you as a professor, who teaches to enlighten, when your students reject what you are saying and then, without thought, reject you? If so, how disillusioning is it? If not, why isn't it?

Emmett said...

I found your blog after a Google for "Process Theology".

I wonder if you've worked at reading "Process and Reality" for its own sake, as a book that has its own, extra-theological purpose?

Did you feel it necessary to understand process philosophy as a whole, or did you abstract from it what was immediately relevant to theology?

I've tried several times to read P&R without a summary or study guide, without success, because Whitehead uses the new words and notions he introduces like ice-skates. He doesn't linger long, or comfort me with redundancy in his explanations.

I stay interested, but I shake the book in my frustration. I want an appendix of examples from his own hand to help my mind be gripped, because I don't know how to judge the authority of Whitehead's explicators.

How was your study of P&R? It's a book on the move, just like its subject!

I'm sorry I haven't read your papers yet- perhaps the answer to this question is in them.

Thanks for your blog!

r. harrison said...

for an aspiring teacher, would you please offer your thoughts on the statement: "those who can't do, teach."

Stevie said...

How has the Internet changed your views on friendship?

What's your favorite book that isn't about theology?

Adamanthenes said...

I've got a better one: did you really kill Jesus? :D (I just reread that thread the other day, and it took me back.)