Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Villani Heuristic

I got through my session and paper presentation this morning with only the usual technical anxieties, and it was well received (all my laugh lines got laughs). Then it was playtime.

This is the gull that eyed me sourly as I ate my crab cakes on the pier.

A kite demonstration on the Embarcadero.

The Port of San Diego was sponsoring a family day, complete with patio seating and board games.

Adam Villani and his charming bride Jen swept me away for a whirlwind tour of the greater San Diego metropolitan area. After fish tacos, we went over to the Hotel del Coronado, where
The Stunt Man was filmed.

Those tiny dots are surfers off the shore at La Jolla.

For our second food stop, we went to Hodad's in Ocean Beach for classic diner fare.

Here's the mouthwatering burger I enjoyed.

Thanks for the enlightening day and indulgent companionship, Adam and Jen!


doafy said...

Ah, the Adam Villani Whirlwind Tour of [insert place name] is the stuff of legend.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Eric B. said...

Wow, kite demo. You may have met my boss, well one of them. I work part time at Into the Wind in Boulder. George, the owner, was off to San Diego last week as well.