Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas in paradise

As expected, there's no internet at the otherwise-wonderful house my folks rented to shelter the extended family here in St. Simons. We stayed pretty busy Sunday and Monday (Saturday was a washout -- the complete story later), but finally got away to Starbucks Christmas afternoon. There we were happy to pay $10 for daypasses to the T-Mobile network, download our RSS fees, welcome new Ravelers who had the good fortune to choose usernames beginning with O or G (I have that responsibility as part of the Welcome Wagon committee), check our e-mail, and enjoy beverages while listening to the surprisingly wonderful shape-note, gospel, and traditional sacred music that was on the Starbucks channel that day. Such a nice change from the contemporary Christian we had been reduced to employing as background radio noise for our kids' bedtimes.

There are stories to be told and pictures to be shared, but we've only managed to snatch an hour or so of internet time at the local airport FBO (now that it's open again, we can mooch their wireless because Mom is a part-time employee). I'll write it all up and post it in easy installments once we're back within the perimeter of our own home network again. Meanwhile it would be criminal to waste these blue skies, 60's temperatures, and easy beach access on any more indoor computer time.

Short version: travel woes, cousinly joy, loads o' food, Santa comes through. As long as I don't have to bracket that list with a repeat of "travel woes" on Friday, I'll consider it a net plus.

Merry, happy, and festive felicitations to all!

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the secret knitter said...

Nice to hear that you've had a good Christmas trip. May you have safe and woe-free return traveling.