Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Must be Santa

A bounty of Christmas miracles today:

1. Archer sang "Away In A Manger" with his fellow first-graders at Starbucks.

2. Cady Gray played along from her seat just as if she were in the show.

3. Cady Gray told yet another patient volunteer that she wanted a tutu.

4. Archer held an actual conversation with Santa (although the jolly old elf probably comprehended little of it).

5. The three-year-old camera that took those pictures returned to our house by FedEx today, completely repaired at no charge -- right down to the case fastening that was bent during summer 2005 when I dropped it on a hardwood floor. Canon: Better than Santa.

6. There's still one slot open in my Movie-That-Dare-Not-Speak-Its-Name offer, detailed in yesterday's post. Take advantage of me when I'm feeling generous.

7. Archer did an outstanding job focusing and participating in his music class's performance at Starbucks tonight. He was late with most of the words and hand motion, but he stayed with it and had a great time performing. It was a marked improvement from the last time I saw him sing with a group in public (this summer at SuperKids camp).

He got the biggest laugh of the whole twenty-minute program, too. One of his classmates was decked out in reindeer antlers and a battery-powered flashing red nose. During "Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer," Archer jumped forward right after "... had a very shiny nose," jabbed his finger toward the girl, and called out in the brief pause before the next line: "Like Macy!"

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