Friday, December 21, 2007

Quick notes before we fly

  • We're off to St. Simons Island tomorrow evening for Christmas with my side of the family -- if the cold front moving through will cooperate. Blogging may be sporadic to non-existent while we're there. I have no idea what kind of internet access will be available in our rented house. But certainly I'll try to keep writing daily, and posting when I can.
  • My little Christmas gift to myself: three episodes of Aliens In America on the DVR. Sample line: "If you join the Chastity Club, I'll let you go on the pill for Christmas." Ahhhhh ... middle-America comedy. If you're not watching it, set your recording devices now.
  • At Cady Gray's "church school" (St. Peter's Episcopal School), she drew a picture of a present she'd give to Jesus. Her idea: "I want to give Jesus a horn, because Jesus likes music." If Christmas is any indication, she's absolutely right!
  • Speaking of the Baby Jesus, is there any more reverent way to celebrate the Reason For The Season than this? I especially like the graham cracker and chocolate bar base on which the manger is resting.
  • If I don't see you before the big day, may your packages be bountiful, your relatives loving, your travel easy, and your feast satisfying. I'll let you know as soon as I can how it all worked out for us.


the secret knitter said...

Wait, that S'mores nativity scene isn't intended for consumption? Shucks...

Have a safe and fun trip!

Anonymous said...

But have you ever seen the edible creches made out of graham crackers, with Teddy Grahams as the holy family?

Have a wonderful time in St. Simons. Sounds heavenly.

Maureen said...

Alas, we were only a few miles apart this weekend, and I didn't read this until now. I hope you're having fun in the Golden Isles.

Merry Christmas!

Donna B. said...

We wondered if you were down here, Maureen. As we spun past Spanky's and Loco's and all the other places we've seen you down here, we certainly thought about you!

Maureen said...

Alas, we stayed close to home. Going out with two kids is more daunting for me!