Saturday, December 1, 2007

31 days of Christmas

Cables! Cables! Cables! at Toxophily.

'Tis the season at the Bowman-Murray household when unsolicited items of varying provenance arrive daily in the mail. Some are awesome (3:10 To Yuma screener!). Some are placeholders until the real item shows up (movie tie-in edition of The Kite Runner, about a week before a screener of The Kite Runner).

And some are inexplicable until you read the fine print.

The floppy A1 envelope had PAR AVION stickers and other evidence of its Canadian origin plastered all over it. It was obviously a t-shirt. But I hadn't ordered any tees from across the border that I could remember.

When I unfolded it, the relevance was obvious -- my love of How I Met Your Mother in general and the "Slap Bet" episode (sometimes known as "Robin Sparkles") from season 2 in particular.

(The backstory is here.)

But I had to scrutinize the packing label carefully before the shirt's sender became apparent.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, Keith -- you impulsive devil, you.

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