Saturday, December 15, 2007

A hat for all occasions

Today's post, celebrating Christmas surprises from afar, is at Toxophily. Here's a bonus Cady Gray anecdote to tide you over:

I went to two commencement ceremonies today, in the misty chill. For the morning event, I wore my academic regalia over my sweater, but I was pretty cold by the time I finished the ten-minute walk to the basketball arena. So for the afternoon event, I wore a jacket and scarf, and carried my robe, hood, tote bag (for some pre-ceremony knitting), and umbrella. My blue velvet doctoral tam, though, I wore, since my hands were too full to carry another item.

When I arrived back home from the afternoon ceremony, Cady Gray came running. "Mom! You came home from school! And you're wearing your science hat!"

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