Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Communication breakdown

The lack of substantive content on this blog is due to the need to reserve normal evening blogging hours for watching awesome year-end movies that might be put on top ten lists that are due on Friday.

However, I still aim to provoke thought. Here's a puzzler for you:

Cady Gray received these two items from her secret santa at preschool today. What message is being conveyed by the combination?


Eric Grubbs said...

Is the message, God loves pretty women? :-)

Andrea said...

This is what is expected of girls/women today. Be gorgeously spectacular, and oh yeah, be humble too. A bit incongruent, eh?

Adamanthenes said...

I'm not sure what message it's sending Cady Gray, but I suddenly felt like I needed to wear a tiara made of flowers.

Victor said...

The combination? As distinct from anything that might be gleaned fron either in isolation (e.g., "Barbie equates beauty with anorexic proportions and slut clothing")?

I'm not sure anything is.