Saturday, March 22, 2008

Aut cusine

After a busy day of Easter egg dying and furniture rearranging, all I really want to do is eat at Archer's restaurant. Here's his menu, presumably produced in response to a class assignment -- we picked it up at our parent-teacher conference on Friday.


Mac 'n Cheese 3.99
Ribs Basket 5.99
Macaroni Soup 3.99
Alphabet in Chaz in Soup Style
3.99 each!

Choose 1

Smoothie 4.50
Punch 1.79

Little MENU
For ages 10-

Kid sandwich .99
Corn Dog 1.50
Veggie Plt 3.29
Any 3 veggies.
Grilled Cheese
for 2.29
Chicken strips 2.00
2 chicken strips and 1 veggie

Other Stuff
Hamburger 1.99
Cheeseburger 7.49
Vegtable Plate 3.28

Pie .45
3 bowls of Cream 1.49
Gingerbread Man
19.00 each
2 Pies 23.75
1 Desk cookie .39
2 Desk veggies also.


Paul C. said...

What kind of cheese is he putting on that cheeseburger? Reminds me of the place here in C-bus that sells a special with grilled cheese sandwiches and a bottle of Dom Perignon.

I'm also worried that, given its 99-cent price, the Kid Sandwich might be, in fact, made with imitation Kid. But who am I fooling? 45 cent pie? Count me in!

Tasha said...

That better be one big gingerbread man — or a really good one. I suspect the two pies are a better deal, unless they're mud pies.

Adam Villani said...

I love the $5.50 surcharge for cheese on the hamburger.

But seriously, this looks like a remarkable approximation of a real menu. If asked to make something like this at that age, I don't think it would have looked much different. Actually, it probably would have been less good.

Good job, Archer!