Monday, March 31, 2008


It was a stressful Spring Break at our house. Work continued apace for both of the bread-earners, but the kids were both out of school and needed to be entertained. When classes started back up, in one way it was a relief to be back in the routine; but in another way, all the tasks I failed to get accomplished during the break nagged at me, and I knew some tough deadlines and decisions were coming my way like a series of freight trains.

Happily for my blood pressure, it was Opening Day at the new Washington Nationals ballpark last night. And the Racing Presidents were on hand.

What is it about tall, costumed sausages and world leaders booking it toward the infield that sends me into flights of ecstasy? Honestly, these Presidents' Race YouTubes are better than Prozac. I take two of them and I'm giggling the rest of the night.


Ryeanna said...

This made my evening worth it. Thanks, Donna B. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad the Nationals amuse even those outside the beltway of DC.