Monday, March 3, 2008

Postcards from Archer

Here's a sampling of what Archer is bringing home in his backpack lately.

1. The assignment must have been something like, What was Dr. Seuss saying in this book?

(Under a drawing of a Sneetch, complete with star on belly) I think Doctor Seuss was saiyng, "Hold Control Z, for 3 sec. Press 8 and 6, for 1 sec. Click on your Xclock, and Hold 5 for 6 1/2 sec.

2. Using spelling words in a sentence: (underlining in the original)

Teachers everywhere, teaching meat.
Hot heat! Sweet.
Green tempratures make me sleep.

3. How To Make A Sandwich

By Archer (pretend invented spelling in the original)

1. Get som do ot. Free: Find it.
2. Mix it (The do) Free: Mix 2x.
3. Mrat 1: Always mix carefully. (1) You got som bred! Mrat 2: Always be careful when cooking. (2) Put the bred in ve oven. Mrat 3: Cook for about 7 hours. (3) Slice.
4. Put jam on.
5. (bred on)
Free: Eat last!

4. A Biography. Use this page to plan a story about a person. Fill in each oval with pictures and words.

Here is:
Cinnamon (mom) King
29 years old
Born August 16, 1978
There was 7 kids in her famle

Job: Speech ... pathologist.

Family: four kids
Kennedy is 10
Kameron is 9
Keaton is 6
Karyna 4

Interests: Go to Little Rock River Market

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