Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cool drink of water

Today's post is over at Toxophily, where a pair of cozy mittens arrive a few days too late for winter.

For my faithful UTC readers, here's an update on my new no-soda plan. Yes, I've been sticking to it. Diet Coke has been replaced with juice, flavored water, and the occasional unsweetened iced tea (the more lemon you can squeeze into it, the better).

The first couple of days were pretty much one continuous headache. But three days after taking the plunge, I got my first reward. I put on a fitted t-shirt on Saturday and was astounded to find that my gut was noticeably smaller. Such immediate shrinkage was unanticipated -- I didn't take any before-and-after measurements -- but the evidence of my clothes was a huge boost for my willpower.

My craving for that artificially sweetened brown necter diminished after just a few days. Naturally, I've had to replace one addiction with another slightly less dangerous one. Junkies have their methadone; I have vitamin water. I've tried various kinds, so here's a rundown of the selection.
  • Aquafina Alive: This is my favorite. The peach-mango flavor is not overwhelming, but I prefer it to the orange-lime flavor which tastes like a watered-down, flat Sunkist soda. 10 calories, sweetened with Splenda.
  • Propel: Second favorite. More flavor, so I feel less like I'm drinking water (not really a good thing). More Splenda.
  • Glaceau: I got some "Rescue Green Tea" out of a drink machine on Saturday. Kinda weird, but very refreshing. Not really low calorie (I think it was 50 calories per serving.
I can really chug these things down. There's still artificial sweetener in there ... which is the reason I got away from diet soda. But surely there's not nearly as much. I'm not drinking them in the huge quantities I drank Diet Coke and Pepsi and Coke Zero, either -- about two twenty-ounce bottles a day of water, versus three or four 20 oz. to 44 oz. servings of diet soda a day.

I feel good about it, too. I know it's not the ultimate in healthy living yet. Baby steps.


Scott Tobias said...

Bravo, Donna B. I quit soda cold turkey about three or four years ago and haven't look back. Those first few days were absolutely horrible; going from a big glass of Coke with lunch and dinner (and more in the summer) to nothing just killed me. And yet the pain also calcified my belief that soda companies were exerting too much control over my life and it was time to take the power back. Now I spend a ridiculous fortune on Izze drinks (for that fizz) and drink a lot of water, milk, and juice, too.

Only drawback: If we ever find ourselves in an Athens, Georgia mall together, no frozen Cokes for us. *Sniff*

Adam Villani said...

What's kinda weird is that I gained a lot of weight up until I was about 28 or 29 or so, but my weight has been almost exactly even for the last five years or so. And this without really doing anything substantially different. It's like I've reached equilibrium, but it's a 50-pounds-overweight equilibrium.

Stephanie said...

I applaud you, you're an inspiration to those of us trying to kick the habit!

Jenn said...

Good job! I'm personally a huge fan of Vitamin Water (Glaceau), but I only drink it when I feel like water and tea just can't cut it. I feel all icky when I drink things with any kind of artificial sweetener, so I'm happy that there's one out there that's made with Real Sugar (tm).