Sunday, September 14, 2008


Today's post about a lovable red scarf is at Toxophily.

On our way to dinner tonight, we got stopped at a railroad crossing. Cady Gray announced that she was going to count the boxcars, and then Archer topped her by saying that he would count all the cars. He commenced counting right away, and about at car 50 Cady Gray petitioned in a trembly voice for him to stop since he was counting her cars.

Archer, ever the peacemaker in the big brother role he's come to relish, interjected: "67 ... 68 ... 69 ... youcancountthetensCadyGray ... 71 ..."

"No," Cady Gray said in a small but petulant voice.

"78 ... 79 ... youcountthatone!"


"... 81 ... 82 ..."

The situation was not resolved until we were seated at dinner, when Archer was persuaded to say he was sorry for counting Cady Gray's boxcars (although he issued the justified caveat that "I tried to help her count them").

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