Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Excellent sentences

Archer brought home a page of sentences using his spelling words for the week. (The spelling words are in red; on the page Archer has carefully scribbled yellow highlighter over them.) At the top his teacher wrote "10/10 Excellent sentences." I believe you will agree.

  1. I can do a job for my dad.
  2. My house dosen't have a pot.
  3. I can nod yes & nod no.
  4. The top of a building is the last floor.
  5. Mrs. Lea should not get on to someone. [Teacher's notation: "I should if they are doing something wrong. :)"]
  6. I drew a dot on the board.
  7. I can't pet a fox!
  8. Mop the floor if it's dirty.
  9. I only remember my spot in line.
  10. All frogs hop.

1 comment:

the secret knitter said...

I certainly have no idea if it's unusual for his age, but I'm impressed that he started a sentence with a verb.