Monday, September 8, 2008

Can't blog -- dishragging

No time to write if I'm going to get the Scrubbing Stars box back in the mail tomorrow for Dish Rag Tag II: The Sequelling.

So all I'll say is that we may have been focusing a little too hard on Cady Gray's bowel movements lately, since this is now her version of the funniest joke ever: "When you are done pooping through this issue, be sure to recycle your poop!" We heard all about poop, four-leaf clovers, magazines, poop, jungle grass, poop, and poop on our walk through the neighborhood after dinner, while Archer pretended to play Dora Candyland ("Click on the orange square two spaces ahead of me! Muy bien!").

As with most developmental stages, Archer never became inordinately amused by excretory functions. Here's hoping he doesn't catch it from his precocious little sister.

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