Thursday, September 11, 2008

Heading for the hills

Today's post celebrating impromptu fundraising is at Toxophily.

Noel is scheduled to return home a couple of hours from now. It's been a very smooth TIFF week for us -- the kids have by and large been angelic, the grandparents provided me with invaluable school pickup and cookery services, and while work has been up and down, I've had a remarkable lack of anxiety about it all.

There's no doubt that we're ready to return to situation normal, though ... for me, just for a few hours before I take off for the annual mountaintop retreat we provide for our incoming students. Unless Hurricane Ike takes that predicted sharp right turn and blankets Arkansas with rain, we're looking forward to a beautiful and relaxing couple of days away from it all -- reading, knitting, enjoying the company of the remarkable students we've recruited. I have a great book (Home, Marilynn Robinson's followup to Gilead), a bunch of satisfying projects on the needles, and valuable work to be done in helping my charges negotiate the challenge of their first formal paper in the class.

Time enough for that return to normalcy on Sunday.

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